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Sunday, 6 October 2013

The inevitable is coming!

There is a time in every Dd wife's life when they know that the inevitable is coming!

They know that the thing they have done warrants a particularly bad spanking.

They know that the implement, that usually resides at the back of the cupboard, will be dusted off and come out into the light for it's biannual outing to the land of RedBackside.

I blogged earlier on this month about the fact that I keep forgetting to use the seatbelt for my children.

I have already been spanked for this twice in the last month and yet the other day, the worst happened!

I did it again!

So tonight, when the kids are in bed and dinner is eaten, the paddle is coming out! 

It has been a good 18 months since I saw it last and that isn't long enough ago!

Wood is not meant to hit bottoms! There is just no give in it! 

My time has come, I am due for the executioners knee, and it won't be pretty!

Have a good evening all, I know I won't!



  1. Sometimes the build-up is worse than the actual ordeal. For your bottom I hope that is the case. If things get rough, I'd say as a spanking HOH, find a towel to bite down on ;)

    1. LOL! I find a pillow to shout into is very cathartic!

  2. Yikes! Hopefully it is over quickly and the paddle will return to its hiding spot, never to be found again.

    1. Yes indeed - though we never did find that paddle! ;)

  3. Oh C I'm sorry :( There is nothing quite like that feeling in the pit of your stomach of impending doom. I'm with you, wood is not for bottoms!

    I hope at least it is now over and done with.


  4. Oh no!! Again!!? I just have to say something now. Oh, please learn your lesson!! The safety of you and your children should be a top priority! God forbid something happen to you...who will be there for your husband and who will raise your children? Oh! Oh!!! God forbid something happen to your children at your careless hand (reguarding seatbelts and I imply nothing else) what would you do!? How would you feel!? After reading time after time about this offense I kind of hope he teaches you a lesson you won't simply forget in a day or two. I know My Love here would not be kind to this type of carelessness with myself or our children's lives. ;( I'm so sad for you and your bottom! Please learn your lesson and go back to writing your wonderful blog that I love so much! Hugs and love, and maybe an ice pack!? - can't wait to read your update....

  5. Oh gosh! I know the hoping you're right about the anticipation being worse than the punishment....good luck to you! xMx

  6. My wife has earned some very difficult spankings for similar reasons as you did here. The paddle does come out and it is well deserved.