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Monday, 11 November 2013

Spread the Dd word?

I just had a lovely conversation with a British documentary maker.

It was nice to chat to someone openly about Dd who was interested in listening.

However I managed to articulate Dd, she was quite receptive to it.

She seemed to understand the normal relationship dynamics of power struggles, dominant shouty women and week men.

I asked her if she was convinced at the end of the conversation and she said, 'yeah, it makes total sense'!

I am very obstinately opposed to trying to change how others think about things but maybe I have my first convert!

If anyone fancies talking to this lovely lady, drop me an email

It can't do any harm! It was actually very fun.


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  1. Catching up on my reading.. How is your little one? Stopping to pray now that your family will all be well soon. God bless you and yours, -Belle L.