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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Dd and our changing sex life

Before Dd, our sex life had it's ups and downs.

We had times when we might have sex three times a week, or times when we might go a month without it (though that was rare).

Then came Dd. My uber strong husband who took no messing seemed so attractive to me, so manly, so caring, so protective. Quite frankly there was nothing as attractive as a strong man to me.

I also endeavored to not say no to him sexually.

My entire ethos of sex changed.

I realised that by saying no, he felt rejected, like I was saying I didn't love him. He needed to be close to me in this way. 

I now feel it's my duty to please him in every way. By being polite and loving, by being kinds, by trying hard to keep the hormones at bay! And by allowing him full access to my body, as often as he needs.

Don't get me wrong, he doesn't use this to take advantage of me.  He senses by body language and acts accordingly. This means he is more in tune to me and I am more understanding of his sexual needs.

It works for us! 

Yet another pro for our strange Dd lifestyle!


  1. I'd have to agree and say DD has done similar things for our sex life as well.

  2. We have found the same here. :)

  3. Hi C, I was just wondering; if your HOH has ever wanted to spank anyone else because of the way he's used to spanking you? Like maybe your daughters or your sister or something? I'm not accusing him or you i'm just curious about whether his view on spanking others has changed because he spanks you?

  4. No, that would be very strange, I wouldnt' discipline any one else's children, so why would he do that. Dd is between a loving couple and is consensual. If a man does that to others, it is wrong. C