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Wednesday, 25 December 2013


I made a stupid mistake.

I was chatting to my little sister who is only 14 about the fact that I had a secret blog.

She asked how many hits I had had, so I copied the picture from my blog that states my hit counter.

Little did I know that she was then able to right click it and follow the URL!!!

Oh Holy Moly!

She just told me that she found it! How horrifying!

I can't believe it.

It was so embarrassing when she told me, I held my head under the blanket and refused to come out.

After getting over the horrendous moment that my sister knows my husband spanks me and all the little details, :( we sat her down and explained that we are happy.

She is from a broken home and a very unhappy divorced of our parents is still playing heavily on her mind.

I asked her if she thought we were happy. She said yes, that we were the happiest couple she knows.

I told her that this was an integral ingredient to our happiness.

She is too young to see Dd's potential, but maybe she will ask me about it in years to come!

I am still mortified!

Happy Christmas everyone.



  1. sorry that she found it C...especially at that age but hopefully she sees what a wonderful marriage you have and will not think any more about it until she's older.

    Hope you and your family had an awesome Christmas.


  2. Oh my goodness C, I would have been mortified too! I have two older brother's and I can't imagine them finding out!

    It's wonderful though that she can see how happy you are and think you are the happiest couple she knows. I wouldn't be at all surprised if she does ask you more about DD in the future.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope you had a wonderful day.


  3. Oh boy...well Merry Christmas? I think you handled the situation the best you could. Now what? Are you going to keep writing under this blog knowing she can be reading?

    Good luck! Hope your tummy is settling down a bit

  4. Uh oh... Do you think you can count on her not telling others? I would be afraid that it would become a object to view at a girl's slumber party or something. I hope it is all forgotten by her, as she has other teenaged interest. I wouldn't want anyone in my family to read my blog. I really think more because I am a "spanko" than the fact that he disciplines me. God bless you as we start the new year, and always, -Belle L.