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Friday, 6 December 2013

Pregnancy - How to deal with Dd?

This is my third pregnancy (well fifth, but I am hoping this one is successful).

It is really hard to deal with Dd when you are pregnant.

The last time, my hub was of a quandary. He didn't know whether to spank me or not. He was worried that he may do harm to the baby, either physically or by increasing my blood pressure (I have suffered from that in the past).

I have always thought that Dd can work without spanking. I have always thought that a man can be in charge without the tool behind him. And I am sure that would work, but not for us.

He finds it hard when he doesn't have something that he can use, either as a threat or an implication to keep me the loving wife that I am.

The other thing of course is dreaded hormones.

I know many of my Dd friends out there are pre menopausal and I really feel for them. The same hot flushes the same mood swings, but without a baby inside them (and possible spanking protection).

My beloved said something very strange the other day.

I wondered why he hadn't told me off for being rude as he would have done when I am not pregnant.

He said. 'I know that isn't my loving wife talking, it's your hormones.'

I was gobsmacked. Does he think that there is an ogre inside me? Maybe I can use this to my advantage.

'No darling, I didn't spend £50 on ebay, it was the hormones'....'No darling I didn't swear at you, it was the hormones'.

Do you think it will work?


  1. Hello SpankedWifeUK,
    Congratulations and best wishes for you. I keep my fingers crossed for you and your baby. If your husband is as inventive as mine, he will come up with ways of discipline like early bedtime, no favourite tv show, and things like that. I think I wouldn't get spanked if I were pregnant, just to make sure that no harm is done, because we have been in a similar situation in the past too, with the same problems you seem to have had. All the best for you :)

  2. Um... NO! lol But might be worth a shot to see if it does pan out for a day or two. lol But how do you honestly say hormones made you spend money? ;)

  3. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I suspect that it won't work for you, I see hubby catching on real fast and possibly a spanking or three for your trouble


  4. Congratulations C. Okay of Matthew's favorite sayings was "you may not be able to control your hormones but you can control your behavior". So he never cut me much slack in my hormones.

    I was never spanked when I was pregnant. There are other tools rather than spanking that can be used...I was given time outs, grounded, sent to bed early, denied a favorite program, etc. I am sure there are things that you can be denied.

    Just need to do your part and try to control your behavior. If you feel yourself spiraling, remove yourself from the situation for a while until you have it under control.

    Sending lots of prayers and positive energy your way.


  5. I'd save the hormonal 'gem' as a get out of jail free card. Don't over use it . *wink*
    I understand what you mean about the spanking though. For us there is an intimacy about it that isn't there with other punishments. Perhaps you can be exposed over his lap on the bed, and have your serious discussions that way. Or some other physical way to show your vulnerability that isn't punishment based to maintain a connection of the dynamic?

    I wish you much luck C with this pregnancy. You have managed ttwd before during, so no doubt you will again.

  6. lol! Congratulations on the pregnancy! Sorry about the hormones! I have tried the hormone thing...never works...I am told it is not an "excuse." But I think if the H uses that line, you should totally give it a shot at least once! :)