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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

I am back!


I can't say how much I have missed my blog.

I decided to take it down for a while after my sister found it, just to let the dust settle a little.

But I have missed it so much.

Thank you to all of you who went me emails asking where I had gone and for the lovely blogger who even wrote a post about me.  It just shows how many lurkers we have out there!

Well life is pretty much the same around here.  Two kids and one more on the way!

Today I had a majorly bad morning!

It was the first really icy morning. It was so icy here in Southern UK that the inside and outside of my car was iced up. So my normally tight schedule on a Tuesday morning in getting my eldest to preschool and managing to start teaching my class by 9.15 was even tighter this morning.

I rushed to work after deicing my car and getting to and from preschool. I was ten minutes late and so missed a space in the staff car park. I raced to the next car park which is only 50p for the day, didn't want to waste time putting a ticket on my car. Ran to my lesson only to find I was having a lesson observation!

I went into perfect teacher mode flawlessly.

After I left work I found I had a blinking parking ticket!

Seriously the odds were so tiny. It is a car park which is barely a car park at all. It isn't even tarmacked and very far away from town. But there it was nevertheless in it's stupid yellow plastic bag, sat on my windscreen.

'£30 down out of the family finances', or so my husband put it!

So determined to not let my pregnancy prevent him from leading our household in the normal way, my beloved has informed me that he is gonna spank me for it!

I know it won't exactly be standard as he is worried about it affecting our baby, but I think he needs to feel he still has the tools under his belt to do what needs to be done in our house.

I told him that £30 fine from the council is punishment enough, but he didn't agree! Darn it.

Anyway, it is really lovely to be back and blogging again.

I won't be adding quite so many details as before, knowing that my sister is likely to read it, as quite frankly that would be weird!


  1. So glad you could come back here. We have missed you. Mornings are my worste time of day, and harder with even younger children I remember although mine still have no sense of urgency at all and sometimes seem to get ready in ultra slow motion.

  2. Will they negate the ticket if you show them you had the item paid for, but it wasn't in the window of the car?

    1. Well they would if i had bought a ticket in the first place!

  3. Welcome back C! Yay! Oh No, it does sound like a bad morning! Sorry to hear about the parking ticket :( Fingers crossed your husband may change his mind!


  4. I am so glad to see you back! :). I have been checking every two to three days and was praying everything was OK after your sister found your blog. And yuck on the ticket, I got my first one a little over a year ago, just before DD I believe, no fun.

    {{{hugs}}} EsMay

  5. SO glad you're back!! :) --- maybe leave this one the way it is and start a new one under a different heading? Idk. Just trying to help. ;)

  6. Hi C!

    That's annoying about the parking fine, but if you pay right away they will take quite a bit off the amount. At least you didn't get clamped - that would've been far worse.

    So how did you explain it all to your sister? Being a Brit you knew I was going to ask that question. LOL!

    Guess your hubby was creative, huh?


  7. Glad to see you back. I wish I had your nerve. My family would definitely freek out including my husband. If he knew I craved this life style he would think I had gone mad. I really admire all of you.