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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Goodbye spank free holiday

I have recently had a baby. 12 months ago I had a baby. That means that there was only three months between my pregnancies. That in turn means that I haven't been spanked very much in 18 months!

Due to medical reasons I won't be having any more babies, having had three weeks with three small children I am not sure I could do anyway.

In an hour my darling man gets home and this 'spank free holliday' is over! It has been fun but never again will I be clear of my husband's twitchy palms!

He has been very keen to get back on the spanking band wagon. He says that our relationship doesn't run as smoothly without him being able to threaten to put me over his knee.

Since it became clear that I was healed from labour (about day 3 post partumn - damn my amazing body), he informed me that we were 'back to normal'.

On Friday I stuck my Vs up at him behind his back, infront of my extended family and children, promoting a laugh from my Dad's girlfriend. I feel terrible about it. It was unkind and disrespectful, not to mention a terrible example to set for our children.

And so, within the hour, when he gets back from work, the inevitable will happen!

My memory is a little hazy, am I right in saying a spanking is like a gentle cuddle on a warm sumner's day? Help me out ladies, I think my memory is correct...


  1. Sorry C...none of my spankings have ever been like a gentle cuddle on a warm summer's day...but a girl can always home! Good luck...sending prayers and healing energy for your bottom!

    Hugs and Blessings...

  2. Yes, I hope for your sake it is like a gentle cuddle on a warm summer's day. Not sure though as he is probably feeling it is long overdue and may want to really remind you who is in charge. All the best to you my dear.

  3. Oh dear C. Sorry about the spank free holiday coming to an end. By now at least it should be over. I hope he went a little easier given the long period without spanking.


  4. Good Luck ...... but you know it was something that you asked for.

  5. Well, I guess it was inevitable...can't keep having babies forever :-) Hopefully he'll take it slow and ease you back into non-holiday mode.

  6. My husband & I are dabbling in the DD lifestyle and we are loving it. Any advice?