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Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Boss

I was lucky to have had an amazing labour.

It was quick an easy and relatively painless...maybe I have forgotten already! I am lucky that all of my children have come out themselves, no pushing required.

This time I stood up and the midwife caught her. Last time I went to the loo and I caught her! ;)

After the birth in our local hospital, it is tradition for a nurse to bring you tea and toast in bed. Everyone says it is the best thing. After all that work it is the tastiest toast in the world and the most delicious tea you will ever taste.

This birth was no different. The nurse offered my husband and I tea and toast.
He asked for coffee and within ten minutes a tray was brought into our room.

Within two minutes I noticed that the mugs had different designs on. One was a mug from some animal charity and the other, I kid you not, was black with giant letters on.

I looked at him. He looked at me.

'Which one has the tea in?' I said. Trying to stop myself from laughing.

He went up to the mugs carefully as if one could explode at any time.

He sniffed both cups, then there was a long delay.

'Clearly, they don't understand the dynamic of our relationship', he said, diligently handing me my tea in 'the BOSS' MUG.


  1. LoL, that is too funny. Tea and toast, what a great tradition! Congratulations to you all, I'm so glad to hear everything went so well.


  2. Too funny! I hope things are going well with you and the new baby! Congratulations! Amyee

  3. That is a GREAT story! Happy to hear that your delivery was just like the others. Quick and painless- even happier that everyone came out of it unscathed.

  4. ba ha ha ha!! Congratulations on your sweet new baby. That's good, strong work, mama!!

  5. Love it and glad all went well with delivery.

  6. Hey C...happy your labor and delivery were easy and relatively painless. ROFL at the mug...yup, do believe the nurse got the mugs mixed up! ;) Take care of yourself.

    Hugs and Blessings...

  7. Congrats on you and your husband's new baby, Spankwife :)

  8. Congrats and what a great story for the book of memories that this new little one will bring to you both

    Much love and happiness

  9. Congratulations! New babies are one of the very best things in the world. Post-birth tea and toast is a wonderful tradition that should be available everywhere. I remember pleading for the evening and night nurses to go raid the hospital cafeteria for FOOD. My children refused to be born during daytime hours when food was really available, and I always was famished and parched right after.

    I hope you are enjoying every waking moment (yours!) with your precious newbie, and getting plenty of rest. Hugs!